Fiona / Event Planner

Fiona / Event Planner

"What makes a photographer great, in my opinion, is his or her ability to capture the moments of authenticity- the fleeting glances, the subtle graceful gestures, the raw exchanges. A great photographer's images take you by the eye and lead you back into the scene. They make you feel. Such is the photographer I found Ernst Jacobsen to be as I scrolled through the images he took of a wedding I recently attended."


The Art Album


Why an Album

There’s really no better way to relive and share your wedding story than with a storytelling album.  When looking at an album for the first time, many will hold the album in their laps, run their hands over the luxurious cover and slowly look at each photo in the album.  An album simply engages your senses unlike anything else.  Have you ever held a photo of someone you love and touched their face? 

Your album will be meant to be shared. With family, with friends and, perhaps one day, with children of your own.  You’ll be able to share stories about your wedding day and the people who were there to celebrate the day with you;  grandparents, parents, aunts & uncles … and friends. Overtime, your album cover will develop a beautifully warm patina of love.   

About the Art Album

The Art Album combines custom craftsmanship and handmade details with fashion-forward looks.  Luxurious cover options come together to create a unique, one-of-a-kind album.  It’s your book, done your way.  


Christina and Rob’s album (below) features the beautiful Secret Garden for the cover and the rich brown Datebook leather for the spine.


bloomington il wedding photographers


Jennifer and Levi’s album (below) features the gorgeous Lust leather for the cover.

bloomington il wedding photographers

Molly and Trent’s album (below) features the beautiful and appropriately named Love Junky suede.

bloomington il wedding photographers

Kim and Greg’s album (below) features the exquisite Sagebrush Lizard leather for the spine and back combined with a vibrant metal cover featuring their first dance.

bloomington il wedding photographers

Your unique, storytelling wedding album will provide you with the opportunity to share your story and the family and friends who celebrated the day with you with others and, perhaps one day, with your children and grandchildren.