Uptown Normal Wedding | Charlotte and Connor

Charlotte and Connor had a beautiful ceremony at the Uptown Theatre with their reception across the street on the second floor of Medici.

We started the day with a few photos of the bridal party before making our way to the Uptown Theatre for their beautiful, intimate ceremony.  What followed was their reception, which was really more of a party. So much so, Pit Bull’s Don’t Stop the Party lyrics comes to mind : “They can’t, they won’t, they never will, Stop the party. I said, y’all having a good time out there?” Heck yes!



“This will be a very long and detailed review because we could not have been more thrilled with our decision to hire Ernst. I hope that reading about our experience can help other couples come to a decision they feel confident about.
When I was shopping around for a photographer for my wedding I felt a little overwhelmed. There were many options out there and I know little about photography. After showing a few different galleries to my dad, an amateur photographer, he recommended that I choose Ernst. I am so glad I took his advice. Ernst was so understanding with the 3 date changes we had due to covid. He did not charge us any fees or penalties. 

Ernst’s services are worth every penny and more, which is amazing when you consider how competitive his prices are. He worked with us to make a timeline that fit our needs exactly. He guided us through the planning of our wedding day photos with ease. He explained the entire process and more. He offered us tips that went above and beyond what we expected that helped to make our day run beautifully.

Ernst showed up early and stayed late. He was so flexible. Even though I ended up being 45 minutes late for our first look, Ernst got us back on schedule while still managing to capture all the photos that we wanted.

During the ceremony and reception, Ernst seemed like he was everywhere at once. We had about 125 guests at our wedding, and he made sure that everyone was represented in the photos. Every time I saw him, he was taking a photo. He worked hard the entire time. He was accommodating and receptive to suggestions and requests from guests. He was as professional as could be. He was right there for every special moment. Looking through our gallery I see quite a few photos where he captures the same moment from opposite sides, and I am baffled as to how he pulled some of these shots off. I give Ernst the highest of recommendations.

I feel confident that anyone who hires him for their wedding day will be in the best of hands. I have heard that working with a photographer can be stressful sometimes, but in our experience, Ernst was a source of calming and organization. He helped our day run smoothly, helped ease a lot of wedding day stress, and provided us well over a thousand wonderful photos. Thank you so, so, much Ernst.” Charlotte



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